Floorball is a very fast, fun and safe form of indoor hockey. Played in a regular sports hall, about the size of 4 badminton courts, Floorball is maybe best described as a cross between ice hockey and field hockey.

Each team is made up of a squad of players but only 6 players take to the rink at a time. This team consists of 3 forwards, 2 defenders and a goalie.

A match consists of 3 periods of play with each period lasting 20 minutes and teams may change players continuously throughout the game. Each player will tend to do a 90 -120 second 'shift' on the rink. This promotes a very fast game as players are generally changed whilst the game is still in motion.

"Floorball is a great sport, I played it growing up. It helped me for sure...
[and] its not expensive." - MATS SUNDIN, Toronto Maple Leafs

In this picture you will see the kit worn by the Phantoms, the goalie top and the padding worn by the goalie. You will notice that no outfield player is wearing any padding.

In a league or tournament match, the rink would be enclosed with knee high boards. These boards can be used during game play and the ball is considered out of play when it goes over the boards.

There is space between the back of the goal and the boards allowing players to take the play behind the goalie.

"We play on a [floorball] team with the Marcel and Marian Hossa.  It's very difficult cardio and 
conditioning [and] it's great for skills.  It's not easy to handle the balls... It's a fun game [and] I think 
it really helped strengthen Marian [Gaborik's] leg muscles." - PAVOL DEMITRA, Vancouver Canucks 
& MARIAN GABORIK, New York Rangers

'Checking' is not allowed in Floorball as it is in ice hockey, only controlled shoulder to shoulder contact is permitted, so players do not need any form of padding. The emphasis is on skill, speed and technique rather than physical strength. Some players choose to wear shin guards but most players choose just to wear a kit which will consist of shorts, a t shirt and indoor training shoes. A goalie will wear light padding and a face mask but does not use a stick.

The only kit required to play Floorball is a light weight hockey stick that is designed especially for Floorball. Unlike field hockey, both sides of the stick can be used to contact the ball. The ball itself is a light weight plastic air flow ball, roughly the size of a tennis ball.

Many countries have their own Floorball leagues and the sport is growing rapidly all over the world. Floorball is most popular in countries that it has been developed in for long periods of time such as the Scandinavian countries and other European countries such as Czech Republic and Switzerland.  

"Floorball is a great sport! I have been [using my] floorball stick, I really enjoy it."   - JOHN TAVARES, New York Islanders