MK Shadows

Born out of the success of the club. MKS is a part of the progression ladder into the main team. MKS allows players with less experience and skills to play competitive floorball. The 2013-14 season saw the shadows first enter a rink as a team. Playing in the Midlands Rec League. Each game day a mini tournament of either 3v3 or 5v5. The team grow spectacularly through the season as a team. Each game day better than the one before. Every time we entered the rink MKS brought more surprises from our training sessions. With their never quit mentality and great team work they are a true pleasure to watch on the rink.
MKS will again be playing in the Midlands 3rd League (Rec) in the 2014-15 season.
This will be the season that for the first time MKS will wear their own kit.

Player Profiles:

#57 Mark Sleight (English, Coach) 

Mark started his floorball career in Milton Keynes in 2005 as a forward.  Since then Mark has quested for Oxford and London and coached Northampton Sharks. In 2010, Mark re-formed MKP and has been running and coaching Milton Keynes since. Mark has just started his coaching course which he plans to complete in 2012. This is Mark's 2nd season as full bench coach and he has really taken it on with both hands!

#69 Jay Bazzone (English, Goalie ) GB U19 Player

Jay has been playing for about 1 year between the pipes has played for GB Under 20's team.

#29 Nick Sharp (English, Forward) Captain

Joining the club this year. Nick has come on really well growing his skills with every challenge.

#21 Victoria Chestnutt (Northern Irish, Defence) Alternate Captain 

Vicky has been with the club since 2012, coming from a field hockey background. She has continued to grow from strength to strength. Able to play forward and defence as needed

#66 Olie Spring (English, Defence) Alternate Captain

Olie has a good understanding of sports and continues to grow his skills on and off the rink

#8 Will Kempster (English, Forward)

Will has been at the club since 2011. An ice hockey fan, Will has always had a good shot on him. Will is becoming a very good player as he plays regular competitive games. Since an operation at the start of 2014 his fitness continues to expand making his game even better.

#12 Thomas Humble (English, Forward)

Is Just Great!
Can hit a fire alarm from 20 meters!

#13 Ian Copping (English, Forward)

Ian has been playing floorball for over 10 years and has come back to the club bringing great experience to a new team

#15 Stephanie Dell (English, Forward)

Steph is the clubs lion that roars as she shots the puck to the net!

# 16 Alex Gadeke (English, Forward) GB U19 Player

Alex joined the Club at the start of 2014 and has fitted into the club very well. He comes from a Ice hockey background where he has played for 8 years.

#68 Ganesh Gudka ( , Forward)

Ganesh is a long standing member of the club and is a great asset on attack and in defence
. Starting in 2010 he has really improved and seems to always gets a spectacular goal just when we need one.

#95 Thomas Carr
(English, Defence)

Tom has moved forward into defence from goal. he is always somewhere on the rink between the ball and the goal.

#14 Amie Whitehall (English, Centre)

Amie is one of the longest serving players at the club. Amie has always trained with MK but has played for Hawks, Oxford and London in her time.
 With her knowledge of the game she is always found helping out the newer player with valuable advice.

#17 Corey Jamieson (English, Forward)

A new addition to the club coming from a field hockey background. Corey has a useful skill or scoring goals. Has a great understanding of game play and supports his team members very well.

#25 Simon Matthews (English, Centre)

Simon started floorball this year and has really got to grips with the game

#04 Andy Bromley (English, Defence)

Andy is a solid reliable defenceman that any goalie would like in front of them

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