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MK Phantoms

In its current form MK Phantoms started to play games in 2012 with the Original Blue kit (away kit). MKP had a good season in the GBFUA league Finishing 3rd out of 6 with most players having played floorball for less than a year.
The 2013 season saw MKP move to playing in the UKFF Midlands league 2 Where half way through the season they were sitting in a close 2nd place. The last game day of the season decided the positions of 2nd through to 4th. MKP finished with a win but other results meant MKP finished the season 4th. This year in the 2014-15 season MKP will be playing in the Midlands Division 2

Player Profiles:

#57 Mark Sleight (English, Player Coach) 

Mark started his floorball career in Milton Keynes in 2005 as a forward.  Since then Mark has quested for Oxford and London and coached Northampton Sharks. In 2010, Mark re-formed MKP and has been running and coaching Milton Keynes since. Mark has just started his coaching course which he plans to complete in 2012. This is Mark's debut season as full bench coach and he has really taken it on with both hands!

#3 Steve Akehurst (English, Goalie)

Steve has been playing floorball since September 2010. Steve is a big ice hockey fan who travels to Europe to watch the GB team. Steve has adapted well to floorball and is a good attacking defender that has moved to the rear guard as goalie.

#6 Matt Spring (English, Forward, GB)

Matt used to be a Milton Keynes ice hockey player. Matt has been with the club since the start of 2012 and is Phantoms top goal scorer for last season. Matt has been asked to train with Team GB.

#7 Jack Thorpe (English, Defence, GB)

Jack is another long time ice hockey player, playing for the MK Storm players.
 Jack joined floorball in 2012 and his enthusiasm is infectious! Obviously Jack's hockey experience is helping him to make the switch to Floorball very quickly. He listens well to advice and has a very good and long future at MKP. Jack has been asked to join Team GB and is playing for the U19's.

#8 Will Kempster (English, Forward)

Will has been at the club since 2011. An ice hockey fan, Will has always had a good shot on him. Will is becoming a very good player as he plays regular competitive games. Since an operation at the start of 2014 his fitness continues to expand making his game even better.

#17 Corey Jamieson (English, Forward) Alternate Captain
A new addition to the club coming from a field hockey background. Corey has a useful skill or scoring goals. Has a great understanding of game play and supports his team members very well.

#13 Ian Copping (English, Forward) Alternate Captain
Ian has been playing floorball for over 10 years and has come back to the club bringing great experience to a new team

#17 Nick Clapham (English, Centre, GB) Alternate Captain

Nick has just joined MKP, originally from Warwick University. Nick is an experience player and can adapt to playing in any position. He is always willing to help out fellow players with advice and his knowledge of the game. Nick has been asked to join Team GB this year.

#24 Richard Draper (English, Defence)

Rich has come along since joining the club in the spring of 2012. His skills have developed very fast since he has started to play league games with MKP. He is always willing to put his all into the game, throws his body in the way of shots and is growing in confidence all the time.

#12 Thomas Humble (English, Forward)

Started in October 2010. One of the veterans of the club and whilst ageing he is still able to bring his knowledge of the game on to the rink to good effect.

#87 Lee Stobie (English, Forward, GB)

A former ice hockey player in Milton Keynes, Lee has only been at the club since the start of 2012. A natural transition from ice hockey to floorball has made it easy for Lee to settle in. Another player who has started to benefit from regular games. His slap shots are a real handful for any goalkeeper. Lee 
has been asked to train with Team GB this year.