Mark and Humble went to visit Will on Wednesday 2nd April just 6 days after his operation. We were amazed to see Will answer the door!!! Both him and his dad was up and about (gingerly but up and about).
The operation was delayed, we presume by other emergencies but went ahead trouble free. Will's dad was released Sunday and Will on Tuesday.
With the exception of 2 anti-rejection tablets a day and regular check ups Will is free to live a normal life once he has recovered from the operation. They are both currently only taking paracetamol with Will also taking the anti-rejection drugs.

Will's kidneys have slowly been failing to filter potassium and phosphates which has meant he has had to avoid curtain types of foods to avoid build ups of these in the blood. Now he can enjoy everything, except takeaways till he has healed (to prevent the risk of food poisoning). They think that it will be 2 months before he is fully recovered and depending on how well he recovers 3-4 months before he is back at training. So when he is back he will be fighting fit and hopefully those little bursts of magic we see from him will be a regular occurrence.

Well was shocked to see the Card and all the kind messages, and he loved his shirt! it is one he has been asking for for xmas and his birthday. So now he is at home resting and waiting for the NHL play-offs to start to give him plenty of entertainment whilst he is stuck at home!

The whole Club wishes you a speedy recovery Will