The TMZ training camp in association with floorballMK happened at the weekend. With 35 players on saturday and 31 on sunday.
Saturday started with an introduction in the classroom. We then went and set up the rink into 3 small rinks. with the youth players on one rink and the adults split on the other two rinks and a goalie on each rink.
Doing a bit of playing to warm up and get assess before being shown how to improve our shooting. going through 3 different types of shooting and more games. With regular stoppages in play for game play coaching the day went well.
Day two was aimed more at team work. the day started with a video to watch with Tuomas explaining some plays. after we went to the rink and set up a full size rink. the youth players made up two teams and the adults also made two teams for the days training. with the youths playing in one half and the adults in the other we had a few fun games. one with the goals reversed. Then the two groups took turns to play 10 mins games with a few drills between to solve issues in the team plays.

At the end of the day everyone was completely spent. Everyone's skills had noticeable improved through the weekend and everyone was able to play fast floorball with proper game plays.
A special congratulation goes to the goalies who spent all day between the pipes including £ hours without a break on the sunday afternoon.

Thanks go to TMZ for arranging this training weekend. and we look forward to the next one in August