A very creditable performance from a short benched Shadows team saw them come away with two wins and a draw from their six games.
Excellent finishing and staunch defence from both lines gave Shadows their best result of the year so far. With a few of t
heir regular players covering for the Phantoms, Sunday's games were always going to be a challenge especially against some Div 1 teams who had also entered. Each and every member gave their all and fully deserved the plaudits received !!

It was a close tournament with the Shadows going into their last group game having a chance of being 5th or 2nd!! In the end Shadows ended up in a 3 way tie with Arrows and London Sharks. With all 3 tied in points it went to points between games against each other and this was tied. Then it went to goal difference where Sharks took the lead and Shadows went into 5th place playoff game against Rhinos.
The final game for 5th place ended up a tie and both teams decided to keep it that way. A great piece of sportsmanship as neither team deserved to lose.

Results will be put up when the final positions and results are announced by Midlands UKFF