Both teams face very hard competition. Phantoms had some hard games against teams from the league above in group 1. With the shadows competing mostly with teams 2 leagues above in group 2. Phantoms got a 5-0 win for Cambridge not turning up and had some good battles in their games.
Shadows had some really good play along with some silly penalties as they got used to international referees.
All in all both teams were able to practice against very hard teams in preparation for the seasons start in 2 weeks.

MK Phantoms Vs Cambridge 5-0 Win
Hastings Sharks Vs MK Phantoms 4-2 Lose
MK Phantoms Vs Wigan Devils 5-4 Win
United Cities Vs MK Phantoms 11-3 Lose
MK Phantoms Vs Peterborough Falcons 1. 1-6 Lose
Hammerhead Sharks Vs MK Phantoms 8-2 Lose

Finished group 5th GF 18 GA 33 GD -15

9th/10th place
MK Phantoms Vs Manchester Salibandits 0-2 Lose

Final Position 10th

Manchester Salibandits Vs MK Shadows 8-0 Lose
Rhinoes Vs MK Shadows 5-6 Win
United Cities 2 Vs MK Shadows 10-2 Lose
MK Shadows Vs Peterborough Falcons 2. 1-7 Lose
MK Shadows Vs Warwick 3-7 Lose
MK Shadows Vs Nottinham Floorball 1-8 Lose

Finished 7th GF 13 GA 45 GD -32

11th/12th/13th Place
MK Shadows Vs Wigan Devils 1-2 Lose
Warwick Vs MK Shadows 1-1 Draw

Final Position 12th

1.   Peterborough Falcons I
2.   United Cities II
3.   United Cities I
4.   Rhinos
5.   Hastings Predators
6.   Peterborough Falcons II
7.   Hammerhead Sharks
8.   Nottingham Floorball
9.   Manchester Salibandits
10. MK Phantoms
11. Wigan Devils
12. MK Shadows
13. Warwick
14. Cambridge - Disqualified