Shadows get a lay-in!!!!
Rink set-up will be at 10am allowing us time to warm-up before our first game at 11am against the Arrows. They were the team we played first in the last tournament, and are a fast junior team who's speed and fitness won the game, 6-4 to Arrows.

Straight after we play Rhinos 2. Aided by their main league players last time they won the game 9-6. Rhinos are entering the rink straight from a tough game against the London Sharks, who we play in our 3rd game after our one game rest. Straight after we play United Cities.

London Sharks beat us 11-2 but being a league team and playing with 4+ lines it wasn't a surprise. United Cities play in the Midlands 1st division and Shadows have not played them before. It will be an interesting and fun game against them.

After our next short break we play Imperial College before playing our final position game. Imperial College were great games to play as we battled for the wooden spoon. Imperial will be bring a new squad on Sunday now that the school year has started.

We hope our fans have a warm and enjoyable day.