On Sunday the Phantoms played two games.
MKP v Peterborough.

1-1 after first
2-4 after second
2-5 (eng) after third

Lee Stobie 1+0
Nick Clapham 1+0

Lee stobie - 2 mins

MOM Richard Draper

A poor game from us.
We dominated the first period without having a shot of note other than the goal.
Both good goals from us.

Rhinos v MKP

1-1 end of first
2-3 end of second
3-4 end of third

Matt Spring 4+0
Peťo Zaleš0+1
Nick Clapham 0+1

MOM Steve Akehurst

Overall a poor day for us but rounded off with a goal from inside our own half with 2.30 left. We hung on for a win.
So despite some very poor play and us making things harder for ourselves than needs be, we again showed good resolve to win again.
We have now only lost to the two teams expected to finish 1 & 2 in the league.
Despite a short bench against Wigan and a poor performance against Peterborough, we have not been embarrassed.
So we have some good positives to take forward.