Sunday 4th August the MK Phantoms went to Futsal Birmingham for a 4 hour training session with a new Birmingham team. The phantoms took 9 players to the session and for the first 2 hours trained together.
The team tried some new drills and the time flew by unnoticed.

After a short break we put two of our players with the new team to help them. We played 6 ten minute periods against the new Birmingham team. Everyone played very well and brought the drills into the game very successfully.

The Phantoms sat back in the first period giving the new team plenty of space on the wings and in their own zone. With each period we increased the pressure and speed of the game. Always controlling the pace of the game. The team gelled very well as the game went on, attacking and defending as a 5 and always there supporting the rest of the team.

Everyone enjoyed the day and it was great to see everyone playing with smiles. Especially Will with his ear to ear grin as he weaved his way down the rink past everyone to score a great goal (against us! Boo Hiss haha).