Phantoms opened the season with one win and one loss.
This is the third year in a row we have won our opening game of the season!
A 6-4 win against Warwick 1 and a 9-4 loss to Rhinos.

Phantoms have been hit by a number of injuries and players unavailable due to work and family commitments.
For these first two games several shadows players stepped up to help the Phantoms.
The whole team worked very hard and had some really good play, although it was always going to be a difficult day mixing two teams together.

We started a new system today that will run for both teams this season and that is voting for a man of the match directly after each game. As well as giving us a MOM, all votes will be counted together to produce a player of the season come April.
A hat trick in game 1 secured Matt Spring MOM against Warwick.
And just to prove how well the Shadows players performed today, MOM was won by Nick Sharp against Rhinos.
Also a massive well done to Tomas Kuban who made his Phantoms league debut today.

It would be great to see all the shadows who played today playing again for Phantoms this season! Thank you again guys!