Today, the 8th December 2011, Milton Keynes Phantoms will be retiring the shirt #33. Over the ten years since Milton Keynes Phantoms were formed, this shirt number has belonged to our co-founder, Alan Sanders.

On Tuesday 6th December, Alan took part in his last ever training session with us here at MKP. Over the ten years he has been part of MKP, he has been heavily involved both on and off the rink. In my time at the club, I have known Alan as both a goalie and a defender and I have been very lucky to play in many tournaments with Al.  It is due to Alans commitment to the club that I even started to play floorball and I was made to feel extremely welcome from my very first night at the club.

Over several league campaigns, we have shared many laughs and many great moments but, there are players at the club that will have many more good memories of Al from the beginning of MKP's history.  I am constantly reminded of many funny stories from our early days and never get tired of hearing them - I just wish I could have been a part of them too!!

During some hard times at the club, it was Al who helped keep the club running with his own money. When we unfortunately had to fold the club it was really the last option as none of us wanted that to happen. A few years later when I started to bring the club back, Alan was the first person I went to. On his 40th birthday, we discussed a reunion game for all the older Phantoms. This game took place in April 2010, it was a great success, and the club has been running again ever since.

We played our first game as a reformed club a short 3 months later and Al, of course, played in that game.

We are now moving the club forward and have a good mix of the experienced MK players and some new younger blood in our team. I guess it was meant to be that with the last play of his last training session - Al was to score!!

Retiring our first shirt happens with a mixture of sadness and pleasure but, it comes with a great deal of thanks to Al for all his hard work over the last ten years!!!

From everyone at the Milton Keynes Phantoms