It is with great pleasure that Milton Keynes Floorball Club announces the name of the 2nd team the club runs.

The "green team" are now called the MK Shadows ready for the up coming season.
For this season the MK Shadows will use the club's red and black kit with the phantoms logo. Next Season will bring a new home shirts for both teams sporting new logos.

For a long time the club has been using "red team and green team" in training. with the club growing it was decided to have two league teams competing in different leagues. This allows more players to play in competitive games. and gives a stepping stone for each players to improve to their maximum potential.

Most clubs that have multiple teams within floorball have a just have their team name and then 1, 2, 3 after,  indeed we used to call each group A and B or reds and green. We felt that this was not the best solution to having multiple teams in the club and have decided to name each team individually.
As the club grows we will continue to add teams to the family.

We will continue to train as a CLUB on a tuesday and thursday nights