3 MKP players have been asked to play for Great Britain!! Jack Thorpe, 15, has been asked to come back and play for the under 19 team. The current under 19 team are preparing to go away to Rome for the World Cup Qualifiers as I write this but the under 19 coach has marked Jack out as a future player for the under 19's for years to come.

 Both Matt Spring and Lee Stobie have been asked to come and train with the senior GB team later this year.  Both have been told that they could play at the top level in the UK and im sure they will not just be involved with the GB squad but play a huge part in the first team over the coming years.
  At the weekend all three players took part in a GB training camp to prepare the under 19's for their trip to Rome. All three made a huge impression and as a result all three will be training with their respective GB teams again before the end of the year.