Hi Everyone!!
Firstly I would just like to say thank you to Amie for her great words of wisdom! For those who havnt seen her guidelines to floorball, it has been added below this post so please have a look! I agree with everything she says and it just shows how everyone can contribute to discussions, it doesn't have to be the same people every time.

I'd also like to update everyone on the GB training camp that happened back in the beginning of this month. I thought the weekend was very productive and everyone that attended learnt a huge amount. It really does show you what great talent we have in this country when you get nearly 40 players turn up, all of a high standard!

Following on from the weekend, all those that attended received an email from the coach (Torbjorn) saying what he thought of the event and what things people need to work on. I think all players, even beginners, can take something from this as it shows what things are most important to train at, in order to improve your game. Please have a read through the below email:


I wanted to share some general feedback on the Birmingham weekend.

Our goal is also to provide individual feedback to you in the coming week or so.

Beep test:

The aim was to measure how prepared you are physically, and to have a tool to track your progress over time. A couple of reference points:

-to play in the Swedish womens national floorball team a minimum score of 12.0 is required. About half of our team made that cut.

-to play in the Swedish mens U19 team a minimum score of 13.0 is required. 5 of you managed that

I think the performance was ok. It is up to yourself how good you need to be, determined by how serious you are about your floorball. If you scored below 12.0, I can honestly say it will be difficult to cope in an international tournament, especially when we play matches day after day. In prior tournaments, other teams have been fitter than ours, and have had better floorball skills. To close the gap we need to work on both our floorball skills and fitness. If we can get everybody above 12.0, we have a much better chance of winning the games, and you will have a better experience from it if you can perform at your normal level throughout a game.

Floorball skills:

Most of you showed an ok understanding of the game, how its played and which positions to take. The main area of improvement lies in the individual skill set of each player.

In the passing drills it was revealed that many of you have quite a way to go to be fully comfortable with ball and stick (on an international level). This limits the way we can behave like a team, in that we often lack composure on the ball when put under pressure by a forechecking opponent, and we are unable to open up a defence by a series of good passes when we are attacking.

We should also work on our shooting skills. We often get ourselves into good positions, but then we almost waste all the hard work done by a lame finish. When we have a chance we should ruthlessly go for the goal.

Work ethics, attitide and focus:

Here you deserve praise. In my mind you worked hard and you showed focus throughout the weekend despite long sessions and limited breaks. We couldnt have hoped for better focus and attitude. Keep it up.


Let us share our thinking how you can develop as players:

Training advice - physical

In floorball you need a combination of speed, strength, and stamina/cardio.

-If you score below 12.0 on the beep test, you should start working on the cardio side to give yourself a fair chance to perform at your capacity. Any kind of running / cardio work will do.

-Above 12.0, its more about developing speed and strength. Scoring a good time on a 10k run is less relevant in floorball. Instead you need to be quick and able to sprint short distances at high speed multiple times within a short time frame. Interval training is best to build up stamina, combined with sprint training for pace.

Going to the gym 1-2 times / week is normally also part of the regular training for a floorball player. Focus on dynamic core muscle strength.

Generally, the best way to train is to play a lot of floorball. Play as often and much you can, at high intensity. Challenge your teammates, drive up the quality of the trainings. It is often said the Barcelona players never do any running without also having footballs. This is very valid in floorball, where stick-handling is essential to the performance.


On an international level, you are relatively more competitive on the physical side than on the floorball side. Hence I think you should to as large extent as possible combine floorball with your physical training.


Training advice - floorball skills

With floorball, as with most other things, the 10,000 hours rule apply. You need training, training, training. Compared to your international opponents we will face, the simple fact is that we have spent too little time with ball and stick. Here are a few tips you can think of:

-when home, practise with ball and stick every day. Just play around. As much as possible.

-if you are with a friend: train passes, a lot. Back and forth. Different positions, combinations, types of passes.

-if with multiple friends: play games. 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 etc. This is the best way to improve skills and learning to protect the ball. If you are serious about floorball its not enough to play with your club team twice a week. You need much more and this will help you

-before or after each training practise extra shooting for some 15 minutes or so. Work on the technique.

-go on youtube and watch clips from good players (e.g. Swedish games or internationals). You also have a lot of training advice and drills online. All the knowledge is out there.

-with your team, I recommend you to often train on a smaller pitch than normal (see advice on 1 on 1 etc training above). This is a good way of increasing intensity and forcing you to develop your skill base

When we get together for coming weekends, we will work on getting the team together and building a tactics foundation. But in the mean time, the best you can do is to improve your core floorball skills and if needed, your physical ability.

Thank you for a great weekend and looking forward to have real success together.

Keep up your work rate