Shadows will be playing their first game against The Arrows at 9am on rink 1. The Arrows are a junior team that we have never seen play. We expect them to be very fast with a few tasty bits of skill to trick us with.

We then play Rhinos 2 at 9:55 on rink 2. Rhinos are always a tough team to play. they are young and fast. With the changes over the summer it will be interesting to see who is in this team this year.

We then have a game break before playing the London Sharks on rink 1 (11:45). The phantoms have played a few friendlies with this team and they will prove to be a formidable opponent. A true challenge to any player wanting to move up to the Phantoms.

Straight after that we play LSE on rink 2 (12:40). A team we have beaten in our last 3 encounters. With a new season comes new players so we do not know if they have done many changes to their squad over the summer. With 2 of the last 3 games being within a couple of goals we expect to have to earn our win.

We then get a 2 game break befor we play against Imperial College at 15:25. The last time we played Imperial we lost 4-3 so a close hard game is expected before we play our final position game. 

For the position games 1st and 2nd play on rink 1 at the same time that 3rd and 4th play on rink 2 (16:20). then 5th and 6th play (17:15) before clearing up the rinks