It was a match day of ups and downs for the Phantoms, as they went into their matches with a short bench. Their first match was against Wakefield Wolves, who have remained unbeaten all season. This didn't deter the Phantoms as they ended the Wolves' run and came out 6-3 winners. In a physical match, Phantoms more than matched their opponents and had to play ugly in order to win. Goals coming from coach Mark Sleight, Will Kemptser, Ian Coping, Matt Spring and Andy Hall.

After using all their energy in the first match, the Phantoms came up against a youthful and energetic Rhinos team. Phantoms struggled to cope with the passing and movement of the Rhino's, and ended up losing 11-2. Goals coming from Ian Coping and Will Kempster. Coach Mark Sleight had nothing but praise for his team, who battled hard in both games, particularly goalkeeper Steve Akehurst who was the star performer.