Nick Clapham got an assist for GB's 2nd goal in a 11-4 lose against France on Saturday.
Only bringing 7 outfield players meant that GB would have a very tough game against the 18 outfielders France brought. With GB getting on the score sheet first it looked to be a perfect start until 2 quick goals by France to take the lead around the 10 minute mark. another 4 minutes later took the France lead to 3-1 before GB brought it back to 3-3 before the end of the period.

GB managed to hold off the French for 8 minutes before they scores the first of 4 unanswered goals that period.

The goals in the 3rd started with a penalty shot against GB with a counter goal just 48 seconds later then France scored another 3 goals to finish the game 11-4

The game against France on Sunday was a better affair. With GB bringing one of their goalies and the coach onto pitch. meaning GB were just one player short of two lines. Losing the 1st period 3-1 GB managed to bring it back in the 2nd to 5-5. In the 3rd neither team could get a goal before France and GB both getting powerplay goals around the 50 minute mark, and France scored again with 4 minutes to go. Then at 59.44 GB get a two minute penalty and 6-7 down all seemed lost. Then with the last second of the game GB got a short handed equalizer by Jack Frie to tie the game 7-7

GB Women did a lot better with a 4-3 lose on Saturday and a 3-0 win on Sunday. This mean they finished above the French women on goal difference