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All remaning League 2 Games left this season

Posted by mark sleight on Wednesday, January 7, 2015, In : Matches 
Here is the full league fixtures for the rest of the season.

Rhinos v Wakefield Wolves
Wakefield Wolves v Warwick 2
Rhinos v Warwick 2

Warwick I v Manchester Salibandits
Wakefield Wolves v Warwick I
Wakefield Wolves v Manchester Salibandits

Warwick 2 v MK Phantoms
Rhinos v Warwick I
Manchester Salibandits v Wakefield Wolves
Warwick 2 v Warwick I
Manchester Salibandits v MK Phantoms
Wakefield Wolves v Rhinos

Warwick 2 v Nottingham
Warwick I v Warwick 2
Nottingham v Warw...
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Succesful preseason tournament

Posted by Thomas Humble on Thursday, October 2, 2014, In : Matches 
Both teams face very hard competition. Phantoms had some hard games against teams from the league above in group 1. With the shadows competing mostly with teams 2 leagues above in group 2. Phantoms got a 5-0 win for Cambridge not turning up and had some good battles in their games.
Shadows had some really good play along with some silly penalties as they got used to international referees.
All in all both teams were able to practice against very hard teams in preparation for the seasons start ...
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Full Fixtures for Phantoms and Shadows tournament dates

Posted by Thomas Humble on Monday, September 22, 2014, In : Matches 
UKFF Midlands have now released the full fixtures for the Midlands leagues.
Our fixtures pages has been updated.

Phantoms will have 6 Game days with 2 games per game day.
Shadows will have 5 recreational tournaments.

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3V3 Fixtures announced

Posted by mark sleight on Thursday, September 18, 2014, In : Matches 
Full fixtures can be found on the Midlands website.
The link below shows the rinks and times floorballMK need to be at the rink either playing or officiating.


Group 1                 Group 2

Hastings Predotors      Manchester Salibandits

Peterbrough Falcons 1   MK Shadows

United Cities 1         Peterbrough Falcons 2

Cambridge               Rhinos

MK Phantoms             Warwick

Wigan Devils            Nottingham Floorball

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14 Teams have entered the 3V3 tournament

Posted by Thomas Humble on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, In : Matches 
UKFF Midlands have announced 14 teams so far for the pre-season 3v3 tournament on the 28th September.

1. FBC Manchester Salibandits
2. Rhinos
3. Hastings Predators
4. MK Phantoms
5. MK Shadows
6. Peterborough Falcons I
7. Peterborough Falcons II
8. Warwick
9. Cambridge
10. Nottingham Floorball
11. United Cities I
12. United Cities II
13. Hammerhead Sharks
14. Wigan Devils

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Phantom Results From February

Posted by Thomas Humble on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, In : Matches 

The Milton Keynes Phantoms play in the UKFF Senior National League - Midlands 2nd Division.
Sunday we played two games and are now fighting for playoff spot with just 2 games left of the season
The results were MK Phantoms 10 - 1 Warwick win and MK Phantoms 4 -5 Manchester Salibandits lose.


The game against Warwick was quickly put to bed by the Phantoms with some fast goals at the start of the game to lead the first period leading 4-0.  With a hard game in the afternoon MK put on playe...

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Phantoms have mixed success

Posted by Thomas Humble on Monday, November 11, 2013, In : Matches 
On Sunday the Phantoms played two games.
MKP v Peterborough.

1-1 after first
2-4 after second
2-5 (eng) after third

Lee Stobie 1+0
Nick Clapham 1+0

Lee stobie - 2 mins

MOM Richard Draper

A poor game from us.
We dominated the first period without having a shot of note other than the goal.
Both good goals from us.

Rhinos v MKP

1-1 end of first
2-3 end of second
3-4 end of third

Matt Spring 4+0
Peťo Zaleš0+1
Nick Clapham 0+1

MOM Steve Akehurst

Overall a poor day for us but rounded off with a goal from inside our...

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Charity Game - Saturday 8th June

Posted by Thomas Humble on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, In : Matches 
On Saturday the Phantoms will take on the London Sharks for a friendly match to raise money for CLIC Sargent, a charity taking care of kids with cancer.

Face off is at 2pm at Battersea Sports Centre, SW11 2DA.
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Ashes match....

Posted by mark sleight on Saturday, October 8, 2011, In : Matches 
A short 3 months after re forming Milton Keynes Phantoms we took part in an 'ashes' match with the London Sharks Hammerheads team. The match consisted of a home and away fixture, with the first leg being played in Milton Keynes. The first game started quite good for us with us getting many shots on goal but the fact we was playing an experienced side soon began to tell and unfortunately we gave gave ourselves an uphill task going into the away leg the following month. Our first goal as the ne...
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