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Fixtures announced for Sunday 26th October 2014

Posted by Thomas Humble on Friday, October 24, 2014,
Shadows will be playing their first game against The Arrows at 9am on rink 1. The Arrows are a junior team that we have never seen play. We expect them to be very fast with a few tasty bits of skill to trick us with.

We then play Rhinos 2 at 9:55 on rink 2. Rhinos are always a tough team to play. they are young and fast. With the changes over the summer it will be interesting to see who is in this team this year.

We then have a game break before playing the London Sharks on rink 1 (11:45). The ...
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Final Preparation for Shadows

Posted by Thomas Humble on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, In : Shadows 
ShadowsMK will train for the last time tonight before their 1st Tournament of the season.
After a successful pre-season tournament where they came 12th against vastly better teams, they go into the games Sunday looking very strong.

Shadows are with a few injuries that are day-to-day but are confident this will not effect their performance.
Sunday's tournament is between LSE, Rhinos 2, MK Shadows, Arrows, London Tigers, Imperial College.
This is the first time Shadows will have played the Arrows a...

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Opening games of the season for the Phantoms

Posted by Thomas Humble on Monday, October 13, 2014, In : Phantoms 
Phantoms opened the season with one win and one loss.
This is the third year in a row we have won our opening game of the season!
A 6-4 win against Warwick 1 and a 9-4 loss to Rhinos.

Phantoms have been hit by a number of injuries and players unavailable due to work and family commitments.
For these first two games several shadows players stepped up to help the Phantoms.
The whole team worked very hard and had some really good play, although it was always going to be a difficult day mixing...
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Succesful preseason tournament

Posted by Thomas Humble on Thursday, October 2, 2014, In : Matches 
Both teams face very hard competition. Phantoms had some hard games against teams from the league above in group 1. With the shadows competing mostly with teams 2 leagues above in group 2. Phantoms got a 5-0 win for Cambridge not turning up and had some good battles in their games.
Shadows had some really good play along with some silly penalties as they got used to international referees.
All in all both teams were able to practice against very hard teams in preparation for the seasons start ...
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